Boston · USA

Week 20 – Boston

Boston is cold. So cold. So cold I had to curtail my sightseeing. I’ve not experienced a winter for about a year and so this city’s winter weather has shocked me to my core.

Boston river and skyline
Boston river and skyline
However I have squeezed in some sightseeing. There is a red line passing throughout the city on the pavement. It is called the ‘Freedom Trail’ and is a great way to find your way around the historical sights of the city, as it guides past everything you need to see.

American history

History is around every corner in Boston. This is the city that had the famous tea party, where imported tea was dumped into Boston harbour, as a protest against British taxes. It is where a lot of the early rumblings against British rule began, with the end game of American independence. Paul Revere also made his famous horseback ride to the Old North Church in Boston on 18 April 1775, to alert US troops that the British were coming.

Marking the ride of Paul Revere outside the Old North Church
Marking the ride of Paul Revere outside the Old North Church
Samuel Adams, who was one of the original men to sign the Declaration of Independence, is buried here.

Samuel Adam's grave
Samuel Adam’s grave
Boston also has one of the oldest state houses in the country, resplendent with it’s golden dome.

Massachusetts state house
Massachusetts state house
I also visited the Old State House. This is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was where the state of Massachusetts was governed from in colonial times. It also where the newly signed Declaration of Independence was read out loud to the people, two weeks after it was signed in Philadelphia. The lion and unicorn on the photo below represent England (lion) and Scotland (unicorn).

The Old State House
The Old State House
Boston is maybe best visited outsider the winter months, as there is a lot to do, but when it is icy and cold, it’s difficult to stay outside for too long! However, it has been an interesting place to end my trip. Maybe I’ll return one day…


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