A few of my favourite things…

I’m heading home today after 90 days away. Cue sad face. I’ve been thinking about the highlights of my trip.

Hiking mountains in southern Korea

Hahoe Folk Village
Hahoe Folk Village

Taking in the zen of Japanese temples


Wine tasting in California

Liz and me at Callaway vineyard

Swimming with turtles in O’ahu

Carlsmith Beach


Looking out across the top of the world in the Olympic National Park

Me in Olympic National Park

My favourite things…

  • Favourite city: Tokyo
  • Best for veggie food: California
  • Best weather: Hawaii
  • Friendliest place: Japan
  • Best for swimming and best beach: Lanikai beach, Oahu Hawaii
  • Easiest country to get around: hands down Japan!
  • Favourite art gallery/museum – Tokyo National Museum and New York Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The stunning scenery award – a tie between O’ahu, Hawaii and the Olympic National Park, Washington State

Not my favourite things…

  • New York City wins quite a few awards in this category. It was too noisy, too hot, too unfriendly, too difficult for my liking.
  • Worst vegetarian food goes straight to Korea. I knew it would be difficult, I hadn’t thought it would be that difficult. A nightmare of meaty-badness.
  • Worst public transport award goes to my state away from home, California. It’s a car or nothing in these parts.
  • Worst airport is won by NYC again. JFK. A chaotic unfriendly place of long queues.

Even though I am obviously sad to be ending my trip, the best part is….. I can start planning the next one 🙂 Over and out….

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