Tennessee · USA

Week 19 – Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has been squarely put on the map lately by the successful TV show of the same name, all about the country music industry that’s based here. Though of course, Nashville has been famous around the world for much longer as the home of country music.

State Capital

Nashville is the state capital of Tennessee. The impressive state capitol building is here, as well as lots of other grand buildings such as the Tennessee Supreme Court.

The Tennessee Supreme Court Building
The Tennessee Supreme Court Building
The Tennessee State Capitol Building
The Tennessee State Capitol Building

James Robertson is seen as the father of Nashville, having founded it in 1779. Another big figure around these parts is Andrew Jackson. He is a massive hero in the south, his name is everywhere, on various street names, parks, squares and there are even two cities names after him, in Mississippi and in Tennessee. Jackson was a military general in the Civil War. He was also the seventh President of the USA.

Country music

Even though I’m not a huge country music fan I visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and museum and I’m glad I did as it was great.

Country music developed as a fusion of British folk music brought to the States by early settlers and the music of black America. I spent about three hours in the museum and saw loads of interesting artefacts including Dolly Parton’s original lyrics to ‘Jolene’ and Elvis’ gold piano. You get to watch lots of clips of some great musical performances, and there was a particularly interesting exhibition about Bob Dylan’s experiences in Nashville, including when he recorded his album ‘Blonde on Blonde’.

Elvis’ gold piano
Johnny Cash gold disc
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash
Shania Twain’s outfit

Next stop – DC!

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