California · Laguna Beach

Week 3 – Life in the O.C.

After a ten-day mammoth road trip (quite literally as I went to Mammoth Lakes!), I arrived back in my second home, the O.C. Which stands for Orange County, California, in case you didn’t know. I think in the 90s there was a TV show called the O.C. so lots of people know it from that.

I am staying with my best friend Liz, who lives here in Laguna Beach. We went to school together and worked out this week that we have known each other for thirty years! Guess that’s why we can live together for a number of weeks and still get on.

Life here in late summer is starting to flown around me. Gone are the days of thinking, hmmm, I should be doing something! Getting into beach life is pretty easy. Especially when you take a look at some of the beach photos below.


The American drag show

One of the fun things I always do when here is indulge is some American drag. Which is quite different to UK drag. In the UK, most drag acts sing live. Here, noone does. Which actually I prefer. TBH lots of drag acts can’t sing that well, whereas as all the drag acts here mime, it means you get to see a wonderful performance, usually with some great dance moves and some spot-on lip-syncing.

I’ve made a video below of some of the great acts we’ve seen!

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